Evolution Numerology Chart

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The Evolution Numerology Chart is the most detailed individual numerology chart which analyses your life’s journey step by step. From the moment you are born, your evolution can be divided into stages well defined by the Personal Years, and by the Personal Sub-cycles you transit periodically. Each stage is characterized by a series of well-defined traits that describe the optimal behaviour you should adopt in order to enjoy a harmonious and natural evolution. Thus, you will be able to identify events that have a major impact on your life and manage them in the most effective way possible.

The Evolution Numerology Chart is a collection of custom tables, graphs, and calendars customed based on your birthday, which alert you on each stage you are about to transit and offer you tips, advice, and solutions so that you’ll be able to make the best decisions every day. You’ll find 80 to 100 pages of detailed descriptions and interpretations, along with a calendar of the critical moments throughout the year.

The structure of the Master Numerology Chart:

✍️ 80 to 100 pages in PDF or physical format – a single customized Evolution Numerology Chart

✍️ the personal evolution chart

✍️ interpretation of the Personal Evolution Chart for the chosen period – interpretation of the Personal Years

✍️ interpretation of the 9-year Evolutionary Cycle

✍️ customized tips and interpretations for each year of your life, from 1 to 100

✍️ personal sub-cycles chart

✍️ interpretation of personal Sub-cycles for the chosen period

✍️ Interpretation of your personal Sub-cycles based on your Personal Year and the Cycle you are in

✍️ the calendar of important events based on the following parameters:


✍️ interpretations for each of the above calendars: description, advice, guidance, and cautions regarding important events throughout the year

✍️ calendar of the Critical Events throughout a year

✍️ interpretations of critical moments: advice and guidance

✍️ custom calculations according to the date of birth

✍️ advice for every important day of the year

✍️ customized advice based on your Personal Year and the transited Sub-cycle

✍️ all Numerology Charts ordered will be available in the Personal Library in the app, and via email

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